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The Artist out of Doors: From Claude to Monet Aliki Braine Monday 11 November 2019

While plein-air painting came into its own with the art of the Impressionists, the tradition of making images of landscapes outside is one that can be traced back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, indeed Karel van Mander, in 1604, encouraged artists to go to the countryside: “There we will look at many views, all of which will help us to create a landscape…” This lecture explores the historical practice of making landscape paintings out of doors from the late 16th century to Impressionism. 


Aliki studied at The Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford, The Slade School of Fine Art, London and the Courtauld Institute, where she was awarded a distinction for her masters in 17th century painting. A regular freelance lecturer for the National Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Tate Galleries, Courtauld Gallery and Wallace Collection. An Associate Lecturer for the University of the Arts London, and teaches courses on the Slade School of Fine Arts Summer programme. Also regularly exhibits her photographic work internationally.